Access Menu release notes

This page shows all the last modifications, the new features, and the resolved issues (including the version in progress).

Access Menu 1.0.4

• Privileges corrected when downloading an update from the application
• Preferences settings improved

Access Menu 1.0.3

• Option added to show/hide the folders icon in the menu
• Issue corrected that occurred when opening some folders
• The behavior of the "Go to Folder" menu item can be modified in the Preferences
• Help updated, optimized, and reindexed

Access Menu 1.0.2

• Uninstalling improved
• Some parts of the source code have been optimized
• New folders added in the menu
• New Preferences window

Access Menu 1.0.1

• New folders added in the menu
• Some menu items are now grouped in a submenu
• Code optimized

Access Menu 1.0.0

• New version for macOS Catalina only