First, always update your operating system and the applications found here. There is a specific version for each major version of the operating system. Use the specific version, and don't try to use a non-compatible version.

If you have a problem with one of these applications, you can read the "Solving problems" section in the application help from the Help menu.

You can also contact me by email:
 - by clicking Report a Concern in the Help menu, directly from the application.
 - by clicking Contact in the navigation bar at the top of the pages on this website. State the name and the version of the application, the language you are using, as well as your version of macOS.

Report problems you experience using Titanium Software applications with the latest final version for macOS only (not with the beta versions). The development of the old versions is discontinued, and the applications will be not updated anymore.

Frequently Asked Questions

- User name and password

 • The password requested at launch is not a serial number!
 • You must use an administrator user name and its password (see System Preferences > Users & Groups).
 • If the application quits after typing the password, try to delete the com.titanium.[AppName].plist file (replace [AppName] with the name of the application) located in the /Library/Preferences folder of your home folder.
 • Note: With Mac OS X 10.7 and OS X 10.8, the applications work only if you set a password. Important: Even if you are the only one using your computer, not setting a password is a security risk and can be very dangerous. Remember that you are connecting to the internet!

- The colored pinwheel appears and the application is not responding

 • The colored pinwheel is a wait cursor, and it doesn't necessarily mean that a "crash" has occurred or that your computer has stopped responding. It may appear during operations that take a long time to complete.
 • While most of these commands are running, it is not possible to perform other commands simultaneously because of a risk of conflict. For this reason, you will see the message "Application not responding" in the shortcut menu of the Dock or "[AppName] (not responding)" if you try to force the application to quit.
 • WARNING: Some operations take a long time (such as verifying the structure of the system files or rebuilding the locate database). Wait for the tasks to finish!

- The application stops responding while checking the startup disk

 • This is a normal behavior. Sometimes, the verification can take a very long time (from some minutes to several hours with Mojave)!

 • To speed up the verification, it may be useful to delete the Time Machine local snapshots.
 • Important: If you choose to delete your snapshots and your Time Machine backup is unavailable or corrupted, then you will not be able to recover recent changes to your files.
 • Some antivirus software or processes that are running in the background may prevent verification.

- The computer's fan starts

 • In some cases, the computer's fan may start up during reindexing of Spotlight. This occurs because the mdworker process heavily accesses the processor, which increases the heat inside the computer.
 • After the new index is created, the fan will stop.

- Uninstalling

 • To uninstall an application, choose Help > Uninstall [AppName]. In the confirmation message that appears, click the Continue button. The application and the components created while installing and using the application will be removed. Empty the Trash to finish the operation.

Useful links

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- Use macOS Recovery on a Mac with Apple silicon

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